There’s Never Enough Time to Travel

Ideas of how to make more time for travel

I’m using this as a piece of scrap paper to help me think out some ideas. I’m sharing here in case this helps anyone or if you have ideas that you’d like to share. I’m currently thinking only about my nine-to-five job.

Vacation Time

Three weeks a year isn’t much when thinking about fifty-two weeks to a year. How can I leverage holiday weekends to add more time to ‘my time”.

Sick Leave

Sometimes I get sick of work, doesn’t everyone? Unfortunately for me, my personal time off is also part of sick leave, so it comes from the same bucket.


The travel expenses and time to travel to a destination could be on the companies time. I could then extend my stay, leveraging my pto, I will already be there, have already had a chance to check out the area, during non-conference hours, and possibly a rental car mostly paid. I like this option.

Crowd in Lees Summit

Now to leave this crowd and hit the road!!